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PayPal Fees

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PayPal Fees

When clients pay me using PayPal, sometimes there is a fee charged. My understanding was that a fee would only be charged for a credit card payment.  My understanding was that a bank to bank transfer never incurred a fee unless you requested immediate transfer. I have been charged a fee 2 times on a bank to bank transfer (client paying me using PayPal directing payment from their bank account to my bank account). I did not request expedited transfer, just normal delivery. Can you help me understand why this might occur? 

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Re: PayPal Fees



Your understanding is incorrect.

You pay a fee to paypal for processing a buyers payment for you regardless of what funding source the buyer is using OR what account type you have.


The only time you do NOT pay a fee is if you are being sent a gift of money from someone using the friends / family or trusted person option.

However the sender this time would pay a fee unless they funded it from their bank account and not a card.


But you are not allowed to accept gift or friends/family payments for selling goods, if you do then paypal review those payments on a regular basis and if they think that is what you are doing your account would be limited.

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