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Im hoping some of you may be able to help. At the start of this year i had an issue with pay pal and their online information in regards to pending payments. Their website seemed to lack the information that a pending payment may also refer to a money request that had been sent, regardless of wether or not the buyer had sent the money.


All of a sudden this information is now clear and available on the website. So..


Can anyone tell me if Paypal have updated the information on their website and if so when? The layout and information available seems to have changed since the beginning of this year. 

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Hi there charliecampbell,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community!


PayPal always works to keep the information available and clear on the website in order to be easily accessed by our customers. If this was not the case for the information you were looking for, I apologise and thank you for the feedback. Here you can find additional information on pending payments. 


Regarding your doubt on the PayPal website, for some Countries, it has changed lately with a new and improved layout in order to make the PayPal's experience better and easier for our customer. As these improvements are always ongoing, I would not be able to confirm when the change occurred. 


If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us back! You can also reach out to our Customer Service over the phone or through your Message Centre. Additionally, You can contact us on Facebook ( or on Twitter (@AskPayPal). If you would like to call in, you can find the correct phone number for your country by clicking 'Help & Contact' at the bottom of the PayPal homepage and then clicking 'Call customer support'. To send us a message, please click on 'Help & Contact' at the bottom of the PayPal homepage and then 'Message Centre' in the tab at the top of the page.


I hope this helps,