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I want to start selling on AMAZON and EBAY.I have heard that paypall for new sellers holds the money of the buyer for the product he bought from me for few weeks.I want to know if it is true,in which cases,for how long that happens, and how i can manage it.Thank you in advance

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Yes (Paypal Holds $$) are true they will hold the money when your a New Seller

they only do it a few times. depending how (HONEST) of a seller/person you are.


I don't think Amazon accepts (Paypal) but you might want to contact (Paypal for this information)

(Ebay) I know it works there because I'm a occasional Seller/Buyer there.


before you Sell? remember to have money to cover the (Shipping fee) & any other charges this apply

be (PREPARED) also remember how you want to handle your shipping Policy that is Key to protect you so you 

have to think about that issue on your own. because I am not sure of how you planning to run your business.

for example are you going to do (Return shipping) for Customers remember that will effect your (PAYPAL BALANCE) & your store


will you be including a (Return Policy)

will you be including a (Refund)

will you be including a (NO RETURN policy)

& there is more to think about when creating YOUR (POLICY!!)


all of this matters & you will be judged by the customers & if you sell items not as (DESCRIBED)

Paypal will take action if you make customers angry too much LOL 😂 Make sure you have Plenty of Money to start your store


& make sure your Honest & make sure your not committing (FRAUD) you don't want the (Bulgaria Police) looking for you 😂

& make sure you buy a Lawyer to protect you from Ebay (Customers) they are vicious😂 & it's a fighting arena in there.


just kidding you don't need to buy a (Lawyer) I just felt like adding that as a Joke. & I almost forgot make sure if you have a Bank

Linked in with Paypal? make sure it's Paypal friendly in order to send & receive money to your Bank account like this


@THOMASSARRIS Banks<----Transfer into---->Paypal Balance account.


may you have good Karma friend any question you may have? don't hesitate to ask ☺ & Happy thanksgiving!! ☺


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Ebay and paypal are 2 separate companies with 2 separate policies for holding funds.

Click on 'help' top of both sites for their payment hold policy for each site as I don't have links for Bulgarian accounts.

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