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Out of pocket

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Out of pocket

I have been back and forth emailing the paypal team for 2 days but i have had no response recently.
I sold trainers to a buyer on Ebay for £300. She then asked if i could buy £150 of amazon gift cards as she was buying the trainers as a gift and wanted the gift cards adding to the parcel.
I agreed and bought £150 gift cards out of my own money and verified them with PayPal and the buyer.
Paypal are now saying i need to buy a further £300 amazon gift cards to then have the £450 owed into my account.
This is incorrect information as i have said she owes me £300 for the trainers and £150 for the gift cards i have bought and cannot return. 
In total i am owed £450 for the buyer . Please can i have a response in the next steps i need to take in order to receive this money as i cannot afford to be out of pocket. 
I still have no issue in selling the shoes to her but i need the money to be paid into my paypal account in order to do so. 
Please get back to me as urgently as you can.
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Re: Out of pocket



You are being scammed.


Ebay or Paypal do NOT tell you to send vouchers or tokens to get the funds put into your paypal balance.

This is a common scam.

No funds in your paypal balance means the buyer HAS NOT PAID.

She doesn't want the shoes, all she wanted to do is scam you for as many vouchers as possible.

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