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Opt out of one touch?

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Opt out of one touch?

I accidentally chose the option on Ebay to have my PayPal account stay logged on for future purchases. I would like to reverse this but don't see an option to cange it back.
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Re: Opt out of one touch?



You can de-activate One TouchTM from your PayPal account.  Go to  Settings (icon next to log out), and then click Security. Edit your ‘Stay Logged in for Faster Purchases’ option. Business account users can deactivate by clicking Profile and selecting ‘Log out of all devices’ from the drop down menu.

Other alternative methods to de-activate/revoke One TouchTM are:

  • Calling PayPal customer service.
  • Clearing cookies.
  • Changing your password automatically revokes consent.
  • PayPal can force ‘Show Login’ for suspicious activity/account or if a transaction bears higher risk.

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