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One Touch Auto-Enroll = Huge Security Risk?

New Community Member

One Touch Auto-Enroll = Huge Security Risk?


I don't know where to complain about this (there is no place to send email feedback on 'email feedback'....) but for some reason PayPal decided to automatically turn on 'OneTouch' payment on my chrome browser despite me never giving it permission to do so.  


Luckily it sends an email notification with a link to opt out.  (It also warns you that anyone using your browser can now pay for things with your PayPal without using the password.... WOW.)


Look at these 'tips' that are shared in the email!


Here are some more tips for keeping your account as secure as possible:

  • Lock your device when you're not using it, so only you can buy things on it.
  • Turn this feature off before sharing your device with other people.

I am dumbfounded with how dangerous this is, especially when people are auto-enrolled FIRST and then warned AFTERWARDS.   Is there some way to communicate with PayPal to tell them how STUPID it is to auto-enroll their corporate clients into an easy avenue for theft and fraud like this?


I am so dumbfounded by this feature and who ever thought it was a good idea.  

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Re: One Touch Auto-Enroll = Huge Security Risk?

I *know* it's a huge security risk because today I was notified by Paypal of a few things : 


1. Apparently, I had been using an app called "PayPal One Touch".


I thought that was kinda odd, since I had never heard of OneTouch in my life. 


2. I had been sending money to people I dont know. 


I also thought that was pretty odd, since I did not remember sending money to anyone on that day, and I had been trying to SAVE money for quite a while. 


In a panic, I closed my original account and just now created a new one with the same email. 


Thankfully, your post solves most of these mysteries. I did not remember sending anyone any money because I specifically did no such thing. Someone else did. Because PayPal has disgraceful security.