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New fee charged by PayPal...

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New fee charged by PayPal...

A friend of mine sent $30.00 to my PayPal account. Before I even claimed it, I saw that PayPal had already deducted a fee of $1.17. There are no details why this fee was charged. I had three other friends send money this week of similar amounts and no fees were charged for those transactions. I'm puzzled because the fee was charged before I claimed the money for transfer. I don't use PayPal very often, so maybe someone knows what this is. Thanks much.

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Re: New fee charged by PayPal...



Its down to how the payment was SENT to your account.

1. If they sent using money > goods / services option then paypal would see you as a seller and would charge you a fee.

2. If they had sent using the send money > family / friends option then you would have had the payment instantly with no fee. (However that option is not available in every country).

You could always go and read up on fees which is located in paypals user agreement.

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