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New Fees?


New Fees?



Today I received money from someone I have received money before. Previously, there were no fees. This time, there was a fee of $33.80, or 2.926%.


Any idea why this might be?


I tried to enter a question/dispute, but it wouldn't let me. It said I needed to contact the sender...???


Thank you.

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Re: New Fees?

As we don't have enough info, it's just a guess - if you have not sold anything and assuming the sender used the Send Money feature and choose the "Goods and Services" option, then you would be charged a fee.   Because Goods and Services is reserved for selling, the system will charge you a transaction processing fee.    Note, if the both the sender and receiver are in the same country and the sender uses funds from either their bank account or PayPal account balance and chooses "Friends and Family" as the reason - there are no fees.  

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