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Negative Balance

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Negative Balance

I notice a payment in my account to PayPal for something that says i have a dispute. when i click on it though there's nothing there and i cant open any cases. Because of this i have a negative balance that i cant resolve because when i go to pay it with my bank or credit card i get an error message. I've tried calling and have been on hold for up to 30 minutes with no answer. Can someone please help?

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Re: Negative Balance



Ways to clear a negative balance.

1. Transfer funds from your bank account via "add funds" if you choose the faster method it should be done quickly.
2. Get a mate or family member to send you a payment to your paypal via the friends / family option (as long as they don't fund it with a card there is no fee).
3. Via a card over the phone with paypal.

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