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Need help to contact paypal to get my 20k frozen more then 180 days


Need help to contact paypal to get my 20k frozen more then 180 days

Good Morning,

I have a big problem, between November and December 2019 I made sales on ebay worth +/- 140k all to the same customer, which is why ebay and paypal suspended my account claiming that I was too high a risk for them, and froze 80k of my balance for 180 days. I understood the situation, talked to my client and took the risk of making refunds to him from my paypal account, and he later paid the same amount to my wife's and my father's paylpal account. After about 4 months the client started to behave strangely, it took him 24 days to pay a 9k refund, among other things, and I decided not to take any more chances and wait the remaining days to do the 180 days of retention of the amount by paypal. I was on the balance with just over 20k.


When I received the email from paypal to suspend the account, I was informed that after 180 days I could just transfer the money to my bank account associated with paypal, or ask for the money to be sent to a third party paypal account.


On the 9th of this month, I received an email notifying that I can now transfer money to my account, and here a new problem arises, at the moment I no longer live in the UK, I returned to Portugal, and my bank account in UK it was closed. I tried to add my Portugal account and it is not possible to add from different countries. So i only can use the option that I was informed at the beginning of sending the money to another paypal account, but I can't get in contact with paypal, neither by phone, nor by chat, nor by anything, all the places where it contained the contacts disappeared.

Can someone help me and tell me any contact that continues to work, or an email where I can request the money to be sent?

Thank you very much in advance.