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Navigating New Policies Please Help!

Navigating New Policies Please Help!

Alright so basically these new policies are giving me problems and getting me all confused.


Some back round: So basically I use this account to buy/sell things on ebay and occasionally buy things from other sites. Everything was going fine until one day paypal decided to hold my balance hostage and demand i.d. Not wanting to upload i.d.d to an internet company I didn't know because that is totally unsafe, I decided to apply for a debit card...but I think I misread something.


Apparently you can't have funds directly sent to the debit card and you have to mess with the balance. After March 29th, everybody has to do that paypal cash thing, so the balance will be completely locked (no transfers allowed) until everything is confirmed including that pesky i.d.


Is there any way to have funds (say if I sell something) sent directly to the debit card without having it in the balance at all and having to transfer? Did I misread something else? Thanks for any clarification.


Re: Navigating New Policies Please Help!

Question got moved did not realize that sorry.

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Re: Navigating New Policies Please Help!



If it is not giving you the option to claim the money and withdraw it to debit or bank account by just confirming your SSN or DOB without uploading anything then you must submit an upload of your photo ID as this could be a different situation...maybe you didn't enter your DOB and SSN in your account details prior. The thing is, PayPal has to comply with federal regulations to verify user identity. Can't be some anonymous or semi-anonymous user on PayPal anymore. You have to be legit now and be found doing proper business on these fin-tech accounts. They don't want people who are not verified parking money in PayPal balance so now if you want to park money in a PayPal balance, you have to be verified. This is for anti-money laundering purposes.


PayPal is an internet company you don't know? Surely, you know it enough to have relied on it to accept funds your sales, to put your bank account and card info in it and been holding your money and, makes payments for you. No one in the forums can see what's happening with your account so if it is asking for you to upload your ID in order to get your money out, it is in your best interest to do so. If you don't like the new policy, you have every right to close your account like everyone of us do but even then you'd have to provide ID to prove the account is yours to get the funds out.


If you get a debit card, maybe that is a way to avoid providing an id upload. Is it still asking you for ID upload after you applied for one? Applying for card now just ensures that your account will be switched over to a PayPa cash account and able to hold a PayPal balance but it's still remains to be seen whether you still need to provide the ID upload or not.

Kudos & problem resolved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: Navigating New Policies Please Help!

Thank you for the reply. I use paypal because using ebay would be difficult if not impossible without using paypal. I never had a credit card (do not have one anyway) or legit debit card on paypal (only prepaid cards to verify) due to privacy concerns. I only recently applied for a debit card to try to receive my funds, but now they are doing that paypal cash thing and it might not work.


Question: Is it at all possible to have funds just directly sent to your debit card (That is what I was hoping I could do) without having any balance or transferring at all, because after paypal cash, the balance will be locked (I think) with no transfers allowed.


They previously asked for DOB ect and I entered that correctly. Don't know why they are demanding i.d. as part 2. 


Re: Navigating New Policies Please Help!

Hi amberrosekitty,


You would need to withdraw your money manually, I am afraid. 


PayPal reserves the right to request additional information. These are standard procedures applied to every account in order to maintain a secure environment for buyers and sellers. If you have been requested to provide an ID, this probably means that it is necessary to complete the verification.


I hope this helps.