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Multiple Users on a Business

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Multiple Users on a Business

Hey! So I make custom things to order, but I have multiple people on my team. I want to set up the PayPal so that I can distribute the funds to the right person without sending it so even more money gets taken out. How can I add them to my business account so I can distribute the money directly to their account?

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Re: Multiple Users on a Business

Unfortunately you can't add them to your account for that reason.   Business accounts have a feature called multi-user access however, it's for adding users that assist you with your business, it won't work for distribution of funds.   The easiest method would be to use the send money feature, once you receive the balance from a sale, you could then send the desired funds to each team member.   There are other possible methods but, it would take a bit more effort.  For example check out this info.

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