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When I originally set up pay pal a while back I tried to link it do my depop account. For some reason it wouldn’t let me log in or change my password it just kept saying ‘we’re sorry we could not confirm it’s you’. I then set up another email and account which thankfully worked and I have been using with no problems. Yesterday, I sold something on eBay but for some reason it’s linked with my original email (that I can’t log into) and now the money is in that pay pal account I can’t access. I’ve tried calling the help centre and messaging but can’t get through to anyone. Is anyone able to help?
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The payment would go to the email address you have on your auction LISTING.

Go to ebay and click on 'sell' put in anything (as you aren't going to actually list anything) until you get to the main page > scroll down near the bottom and where it says payment methods check the email address that is on that page, is there a spelling mistake or old one? If so post back for more advice.

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