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Limits for Paypal protection (buyer and seller) ?


Limits for Paypal protection (buyer and seller) ?

Hello, I just wanted to know what were the real limits to the paypal protection for both buyer and seller.


For the seller protection:

I'm about to sell an item and since the buyer has 180 days to open a dispute concerning this item, how am I supposed to defend myself if after like a week the buyer breaks the item and then opens a dispute saying the item arrived like that? Also concerning replicas, how do I have the guarantee that the buyer won't buy a fake item and say that this was the one I sent him when I actually sent a real one?


Concerning the buyer protection, let's say I buy an item that comes broken or a replica or anything that isn't like it's supposed to be, I open a dispute but the seller has already withdrawn his money into his bank account/closed his paypal or something like that, how would I get my money back?


Thank you very much!

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Re: Limits for Paypal protection (buyer and seller) ?

As a seller, all you can do is provide whatever documentation that PayPal requests when there is a dispute and/or claim.  It's totally up to PayPal as to which way they will decide.   Considering the fact that a buyer has 180 days after the purchase date to open a dispute, being a buyer has it's advantages.


As a buyer, a seller is not safe simply because he or she has withdrawn their money from their PayPal Account.   Actually that can be big mistake should PayPal refund the money as this would put the seller's account into a negative balance.   Regardless if you're a buyer or seller, if there's an open dispute and/or claim, the system will not you close your account.


Re: Limits for Paypal protection (buyer and seller) ?

Thank you,

Just one more thing about the buyer protection, since the seller can remove his bank account from his paypal account whenever he wants to, he could just take all his money, remove his bank account from his paypal and then what could happen to him? Why would he care about having a negative Paypal balance if the money isn't taken from his bank account, he could just create another paypal no?