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Latest PayPal Nonsense


Latest PayPal Nonsense

I just got a ridiculous phishing email telling me "Please Create A New Password" -- of course such emails are common and easy to spot because they are all pretty much the same, warning of about some unspecified suspicious activity (such as "We spotted something unusual") and, of course, pushing you to react immediately by informing you that they had disabled your account. Of course, such phishing emails either contain no personal information or the ones from smarter crooks contain easily available information such as the name that goes with your email address.


Anyone who has been online more than a few weeks has certainly seen at least one of these silly emails -- often from some place where you don't even have an account -- but occasionally appearing to be from somewhere you actually do have an account.   And anyone with an IQ above room temperature has no trouble spotting such garbage by the characteristics I mentioned at the start of this post.   Yawn, such phishing emails are almost as common as regular spam.


So what was unusual about this particular stupid email that made it worth posting here in the forum?


This totally ridiculous and completely obvious fake email actually was from PayPal!


It looked like some brand new intern on their first day working in PayPal Security was tasked to write the email and being a marginally literate millennial, he or she simply looked online and found some existing text to copy -- directly from a real spoofed phishing email!!