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June 30, 2018 deadline for updating browser


Re: Paypal Letter in the Mail

i got this letter today too, its weird because it seems like its targeted towards online stores, which I am not, I’m just an individual user. The only thing I could possibly think it would be referring to is the fact that my account is linked to ko-fi where I accept donations. Unless its a mistake or a scam, of course.
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Re: Paypal Letter in the Mail





You should contact support as suggested by Kernowlass, just to be safe.


There is an upcoming TLS upgrade. 


Here is a PayPal link with more details and testing for compatibility if you are affected.

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Action required June 30 18/ TLS 1.2

I recently received a letter from Paypal talking about the new Security Standards being put into effect by June 30th this year. It mainly is talking about web hosting and such, but I don't have a website aside from a KOFI for donations. All and all, I'm just really confused about it. I went in and did the checks they asked for, ensuring that the "testing environment" was "OK". Is that all? How do I verify and do all these things when I don't have a host website in the first place? Or am I misunderstanding something here?


Re: June 30, 2018 deadline for updating browser

Hi @btmullenix,


I'm sorry for any confusion regarding the requirement to update browsers before June 30. All websites that hold payment data are required to meet the new PCI Security Standard (PCI DSS), which means that outdated web browsers will not be supported. To see the steps for checking to see if your browser will be supported and the steps for updating your web browser if required, please take a look at this article.


To clarify some questions that are posted on this thread - if the first page loads that asks you to log in, it is not necessary to log in. The fact that the page loaded successfully is all that is needed to confirm that your browser will function. If clicking the link to the sandbox site results in a page that fails to load at all, that will be the clue that an update is needed for your browser.


I hope this helps!




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Re: June 30, 2018 deadline for updating browser

The deadline is over the phasing out of the older SSL and TLS encryptions, which are no longer permitted under industry rules after 30th June 2018.  However, reading this article: and following the tweak suggests it is not necessary to upgrade the browser as far as PayPal demands.

I run Firefox 48 on OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), the latest version of Firefox supported by my OS.  I was able to make the necessary changes, restricting encryption to TLS1.2  and disabling it for SSL and TLS1.0 and 1.1, thereby making my browser compliant with the new regs.

Furthermore, I have read elsewhere that this modification is possible on any version of Firefox later than 27.

Why then do I need to upgrade beyond V.49 (which Snow Leopard does not support) to continue to access PayPal?

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How can I update my PayPal account.

I trying to update my PayPal account and my browser having alot I went into Google play store updated my google crome but my PayPal account still have update within June 30.dont want to lose my money in my account by not being able to access my PayPal account.please help.not able to receive money in my account because it's saiding not vertefied.i did that in the beginning when my account was set up.could someone help me.
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unable to verify my browsers for the june 30, 2018 deadline.

Sandbox doesn't accept my password and username. and I have no idea how to verify my browsers are up to date. Instructions are too vague and no info when sandbox is not accessible.

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internet browser

had an email saying my current browser wont work soon.i have windows 8.1 and assume I have internet explorer 11 will this not work??
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Re: internet browser

I believe you should be fine.

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Re: internet browser

thanks just confused I got an email saying my browser wont work?