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Is this standard ebay practice??

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Is this standard ebay practice??

So I was looking for a vehicle on a popular app on my tablet named let go/offer up. There are some really nice cars for cheap. I inquired about 6 different cars and trucks for sale. The response was Exactly the same from all 6. I was told to only correspond by email because they dont trust the app. Hello. Red flag. Then all 6 preceded to tell me that they were in the military and were getting ready to deploy and had to sale quick. To me, Red flag. Then what I was confused about was I was told that they had pre-arranged with EBAY, hence why Im asking question here, to have the vehicle in question shipped to me. All arranged by EBAY. They said that I would keep the car for a 5 day trial period before any money would exchange hands. Then EBAY would handle the transaction if I chose to keep it. Now it sounds plausible if 1 of them had the story, but all of them. Ive purchased many items from Let go, but aparently they are now together as 1 app with offer up. And if all these ads are scams, then that sucks. Cause I really need a car, and a break. I lost everything in the campfire and this will be my first car since the fire. Ive been saving for a while and I would just die if I got scammed out of all my saving. What little it is. Any help would help. Thanks everyone

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Re: Is this standard ebay practice??






They may they are in the military or working ''offshore'' and so can't deliver the car and you can't collect it, everything would be done via ebay.

You will get/got a "fake" email that looks as though it is from isn't because they don't actually have a an ebay account.
The 'fake' ebay email will tell you that you must send shipping costs to the courier/ shipping agent for delivery of the so called vehicle.

It will reassure you with rubbish saying you have 5 days before you decide to keep the vehicle....which is rubbish as they don't have a car.
They just want that couriers/shipping funds and you will never see any car and ebay has nothing to do with it as any emails would be fake.

Delete any emails and ignore the scammers.

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