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Is this a fraud? French speakers help!

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Is this a fraud? French speakers help!


I put online a clothing item a few days ago and this person immediately reacting to me and asking me to send an email to her. 

She asked me all the costs and unusual info like my phone number to send me an invoice via Paypal.

Here is the email I just got, asking me to give a shipping number and email it to Paypal's email on gmail (???).

I feel it is just dodgy to be asked about main question now is, how do I solve this? Do I just cancel it and ask to be paid in the right way? I don"t want any troubles with the buyer...

Many thanks!



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Re: Is this a fraud? French speakers help!



This is a scam.


Emails from PayPal will always address you by your first and last names or business name. If you're ever unsure of an email, don't click any links in the email. Go to the website directly and log in to see if you have any notices or transactions. If you don't see any transactions, its safe to say that you didn't receive any payments. 


Here are PayPal links with details on scams and phishing.,-spoof,-or-phishing-emails-faq2340

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Re: Is this a fraud? French speakers help!

I have today exaclty the same. Once you put sth on "" (second hand website), I got immeately several french written chat messages on the site of people interested and to continue the discussion by mail (they were all more or less the same). I was already surprised that there were so many reaction. The first person wanted to buy immediately and even pay the transport costs... I was already surprised that it was so fast decided, moreover because the same item was also for sale by somebody else for a lower price... Anyway... happy that it was sold so fast.


Then it was indeed asked to open a paypal account... And they focused on it that it is really safe. I already had one... Then I got immediately a mail similar to yours to proceed in two phases... And then I really got suspicous: 2 phases, first shipment, then money, NeoSurf, requested to reply by mail the information, etc... this seems not correct... I looked to my PayPal account and saw nothing. This confirmed my thoughts. When I examined the mail, it was sent from a "gmail" address <removed> and this is really not possible. PayPal does not use gmail accounts. In most mail programs, the complete email address is not directly visible (but a "display name" is shown)


So looked a bit around and found different websites warning for this kind of scram (eg 


So lesson learned:

* always check well the sender and his email address

* don't start immediately sending mails, but use the communication media of the ecommerce site

* it is not normal that payments to a NeoSurf account must be done to free up PayPal money

* PayPal won't treat information that was manually sent by mail to free up money