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Is there Family/Friend buyer protection?

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Is there Family/Friend buyer protection?



Here is my situation. I'm looking to buy an intangible digital good from somebody I know. I have never met the person but I have known them for a while over the internet. I am looking to purchase an account from him. The account could possibly be recovered in the future with the original information he has when he created the account. This would result in me being out of money and out of the account I purchase if he does decide to recover the account and change the information. Sending money as a merchant will require 21 days for him to get payment and sending as a family/friend will allow him to get the money almost instant. This is the reason he says that he wants the payment as family/friend and the fact that I don't want to wait 21 days. Please help and advise if I would have buyer protection against that. I can create a basic terms and conditions stating someone along " I "his name" will never recover the account etc." will those terms and conditions help me in the future if he does recover? 


Thank you.

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Re: Is there Family/Friend buyer protection?



You would have no paypal buyer protection, you may have recourse to a chargeback via your card issuer but that is between you and the card issuer IF you fund your paypal payment that way.


However its against paypal rules to buy using the f.f route and may lead your paypal account to be take care.

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Re: Is there Family/Friend buyer protection?

no protection at all happened to me few weeks ago sent 200 as family and friends and got ripped off unable to get it back since it was in my balance