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Is Santa Monica International House legitimate?


Is Santa Monica International House legitimate?

 My son is getting ready to move to California for college.  I am in contact with a place that offers student housing.  I want to know if they are legitimate before I send a deposit for his room.  I know the paypal account that I am suppose to transfer the money to.  Is there a way for me to find out if this account has ever had complaints about it?  Thank you.  Please let me know if this should be posted on a different forum.  

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Re: Is Santa Monica International House legitimate?



Make sure you contact them through their registered phone numbers on their Yelp and MapQuest pages to verify the correct PayPal email address. This way you know the payment is going to the correct recipient and not someone saying they are Santa Monica International House when they actually aren't.


You can also ask if they send PayPal Invoices. Make sure they have everything listed as you agreed to, in the invoice.