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Intangible Goods Buyer & Seller Protection


Intangible Goods Buyer & Seller Protection



I am curious to know why buyers are protected when purchasing intangible goods, but sellers are not?


I was reading through the policies and came upon this information. Doesn't it make PayPal unfair to sellers? Customers can easily use fraudulent tactics to get their money back by PayPal as all they have to say is "I didn't get my item". And, no matter how much proof is submitted by sellers to prove they did infact send the customer the digital product, PayPal will take the buyer's side.


Isn't this unethical and unfair to sellers of PayPal?


Re: Intangible Goods Buyer & Seller Protectionw

Sorry, I meant to provide "unauthorised transactions" as an example.


Customers are provided protection when purchasing intangible products, but sellers are not. Customers have many opportunities to therefore scam sellers. For example, by claiming that their transaction was unauthorised. Sellers will get no protection for this according to PayPal's seller protection policy.


Isn't this unfair and unethical? Is PayPal supporting customers that do this to sellers who are trustworthy? What can sellers do to combat this?