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IPN delayed


IPN delayed

I am referring to paypal for ecommerce site. I have checked paypal logs on my site, could not find any errors anywhere. Current issue is that, many orders are not receiving IPN response in reasonable time manner. 


The server paypal payment log below:

05-22-2018 @ 12:59:34 - Generating payment form for order 2584. Notify URL: https://xxx/wc-api/WC_Gateway_Paypal/

05-22-2018 @ 13:33:15 - Checking IPN response is valid


The Paypal IPN details history

Date/time created 22/05/2018 13:01 AEST

Original/Resent Original 

Latest delivery attempt date/time 22/05/2018 13:33 AEST

HTTP response code 200


If paypal IPN is sending Original (not resending) why is it not sending earlier time, instead, it is sending more than 30 minutes time gap? Is there anyway to fix this?


Almost every day there will be this kind of issue transaction. Because IPN response not received by the ecommerce site, Many of paypal paying customers order will ended up cancelled due to payment not received between 5 to 10 minutes.


Thank you.



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