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I think someone is trying to hack into my account


I think someone is trying to hack into my account

I received this message  today...Problem is I never sent out this message and there is nothing on my PayPal account or eBay...I have nothing selling at 16.9 and shipping at 3.50...

I removed the Hyper Links on this message.

Not sure who to report this to.

All help will be appreciated thank you


Hello (It had my full name in this space)
Penny Sheffield had her email address

rejected the following Invoice:
------------------------------Invoice Details------------------------------
Item total: 16.09
Shipping: 3.50
Total: $19.59 USD
Note: Penny, Please pay from this invoice not EBay's. Thank you, Roxanne (bagladyinfl)
To view updated details of this Invoice, click on the following link or copy and paste the link into your web browser:
This is where the link they wanted me to click on..........but I didn't

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