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I received payment I didn’t ask for?

New Community Member

I received payment I didn’t ask for?

I hadn’t  used PayPal in probably a year. I just bought something on eBay for about $22.00. I then return to my PayPal account to check my transactions summary to make sure the transaction went through. Then I noticed I had a balance of about $40 in my account. I don’t remember transferring any money into PayPal. Then I noticed someone sent me $62.50 back on Feb 20, 2018. I might have gotten an email about it and ignored it thinking it was a phishing email. 


I emailed the person to ask why the sent me money. The reply was “for an Instagram account I never received.”

I want to refund money that isn’t mine. But I’m now suspicious that I’m being setup for a scam.

1. Who pays $62.50 for an Instagram account when they are free?

2. Who would send money to a personal account with a unique individual name if they were buying something from a well known service such as Instagram?

3. How do you ‘receive’ an Instagram account?

4. Why didn’t the person contact the Paypal resolution center to have PayPal request that I refund the money or why didn’t they attempt to contact me?


I want to refund the $62.50 that was sent to me in error 3 months ago if I can be sure this isn’t a setup for a scam. I don’t want to be out $6250.00.