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I have to go to the Better Business Bureau


I have to go to the Better Business Bureau

It's unfortunate for buyers to have to go this far, and be totally aggravated by PayPal's, timing, giving sellers more time, to settle disputes with companies, that do absolutely nothing , my case has been under a dispute since May 13th, when I purchased a item for my wife's health issue, and have not received one email from them, until after the time limit that PayPal has giving them, So what does PayPal do, Starts the clock ticking all over again, Still no item, still no refund, So who does PayPal really care about, Not my wife,or her health, I have numerous amounts of chats with every one and their names, I can screen shoot the conversations for proof with the Better Business Bureau, So all I want is my money back, and this can all go away, But looking at other customers like me, I'm not the only one dealing with PayPal, with the same thing,As I said, no one wants to get this done, without extending more time to the seller over, and over again
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Re: I have to go to the Better Business Bureau


Everything is taking longer at the moment including payment releases / disputes / refunds / withdrawals etc as Paypal is working with reduced staff and in difficult circumstances due to covid, hope you get it reviewed or released soon.

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