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I did not get an item that i order via eBay !!

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I did not get an item that i order via eBay !!

I ordered an item that hold the tracking # RU228958852NL on the 21 April ,, i opend a case via ebay but the seller said that he will refunded me via paypal and he ask me to close the case on ebay !! so i closed the case on ebay ,,

he did not send the refund ! he scammed me !!

i open a case via paypal  ,,

here were the paypal team take too much time and they need evidence more and more !! i do have the tracking info just 

the tracking number show that the item did not reach the destination !!!

i fear that the paypal will close the case and i'm out without nothing !!  

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Re: I did not get an item that i order via eBay !!

Hi motasem2020,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community!


In general, if you have filed a claim for an Item Not Received, the seller will have 10 days to provide a tracking number that shows that the item has been delivered to your location. If the seller provides this evidence, the relevant team will review the information within 30 days in order to take a decision. The case would only be ruled in favor of the seller if s/he provides enough evidence showing the you have received the item. 


You can find additional information on how our claim process works, here.


I hope this helps!