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How can I talk in English with paypal customer service

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How can I talk in English with paypal customer service

PAYPAL did not work properly. I dont know why my bank changed another one which i dont use it. so balance became negative one.

and I tried to call them but its useless. they can not speak english, even though they explain why i cant speak english in english

whatever. i sent several messages. they are useless, never helped and same question.

what should i do? 

what phone no of paypal and can i talk in englsh



Re: How can I talk in English with paypal customer service

What good does this do it you don't help anyone in the USA. If you are from the Philippines or China then they have all kinds of support. It's just the customers in the USA that paypal doesn't like. They don't have any people that speak English as a NATIVE language so good luck getting anything complicated resolved. I can tell you SQUARE has USA reps that answer their phones right now. I really suggest people move to that platform until Paypal decides that the customers in the USA deserve the same level of support they offer in communist regimes. Paypal abandoned the USA for foreign markets, and they ignore us now. Since paypal doesn't like to support USA customers any more just move to another platform and see how much better things can be when you get a merchant that actually cares about USA customers. You guys are still debiting a transaction that was fraud from last week, and the rep in the Philippines said they have a person in the Philippines when they cal for help with paypal. It's only if you live in the USA they make you talk to strangers in foreign countries to get help with access to my financial data at paypal

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Re: How can I talk in English with paypal customer service



Not a lot of point posting that when the OP is in Germany was there ?




At the moment most phones are generally non operational but you may get lucky, if you need to speak to UK customer services then go to the UK site and if there is a phone option available do NOT log in but click guest user, the you will get the UK number which serves a lot of Europe as well.

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