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Holiday transactions


Holiday transactions


Do Paypal send money to my bank even if its holiday today? (Easter)


Re: Holiday transactions

Hi, I’m having this problem too! I spoke to PayPal customer service on Friday as I withdrew money from PayPal to my bank account, they said it will clear in my bank on Sunday (today) but nothing has gone in yet? I’m a new seller on eBay and the amount of time my money has been pending/on hold is absolutely ridiculous especially when I’ve added tracking and the buyers have received their items and left positive feed back, plus I’ve sold the amount that supposedly makes you a established seller, it’s extremely frustrating for PayPal to then hold MY money which I pay fees instantly for! They take their money straight away! It’s been nearly two weeks and £600 is A LOT of money the buyers are all happy so what’s the issue? I’ve had to ring every single time, it’s absolute rubbish when they say adding tracking and when you receive positive feedback they release your funds! I’ve had to ring every single time! Very frustrating

Re: Holiday transactions

Hello @nReo, @AlexCusack87,


Thanks for reaching out to on the Community Help Forum! If you are transferring money with your debit card information, you should still see that withdrawal go through within its normal timeframe as long as there are no other holds placed on it, regardless of holiday. If you see a hold or review on that transfer, that would generally push the time-frame out for however long that review or hold would be. Regular ACH withdrawals using your bank account and routing information only process Monday - Friday, so Easter would not effect that withdrawal. 


Here's a Help Center article that should provide a bit more detailed info for Estonia accounts, and one for U.K accounts. I hope that helps! 




 - Jon K



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