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Hi, I had a package stolen

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Hi, I had a package stolen

On Monday, my mailman delivered 2 packages to me at my apartment building where I live. There are 8 apartments total, 4 in each half of the building. He said he left 3 things total. A small package for the woman upstairs, and 2 for me. Well I didn't get home until most 5:30pm on Monday. I get delivery confirmations for all my packages, and said my 2 packages were delivered at 11::41am. In the time between, one package was stolen, I paired with my Pay Pal credit card. Is there anything I can do to get my money back, and also the woman that sent it didnt have insurance on it. It was only $11.50, but still, I work hard for my money, and I am at a loss of what to do, and so is the Post Office.

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Re: Hi, I had a package stolen



Sorry but the seller did everything in their power to get the item to you so they should not have to refund you because you were subject to a theft  Smiley Sad

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