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Help with payment types

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Help with payment types

I’ve had PayPal for near a year now and I have always paid using my bank account rather than cards. Since recently rather than going through my bank account it’s asking me to add a payment card. My payment preferences are set to bank account yet it continues to happen.
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Re: Help with payment types



Paypal wants you to add a card as a back up funding source.

This is because when you pay a seller it is never instant, paypal credit the seller and then they take the wait for the funds to transfer to paypal.

But to reduce risk to them they like you to have a back up card linked to that paypal account as well.


On a personal note I NEVER fund a paypal payment to a seller via my bank account, in the event of a dispute I like to have a second protection layer ie my card incase the dispute is disallowed.

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