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Help.. scammed!

New Community Member

Help.. scammed!

I was selling on letgo.. someone was interested and I received an email from PayPal saying the person deposited $1450 and waiting on tracking number in order for me to receive the deposit.. I shipped item and sent the tracking number. I then received an email saying the money will be deposited in 24hrs. I still haven’t received anything and they need me to send $300 to the buyer as a refund in order for them to deposit $1750 because my account couldn’t accept such a large deposit. I am not sending any money! I feel this is a scam and forwarded the emails to! My issue is that I sent the item and didn’t get paid!! What can I do????!


Re: Help.. scammed!

Hi @JRC25giants


Sorry to hear if you were involved in a scam with another party. When you ship an item out that you have yet to be paid for, PayPal is unable to mediate this transaction. The only thing we can advise is to reach out to the shipping company to ask if they can return the item. If not, this would be something that you would want to pursue outside of PayPal.