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Help For The Community

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Help For The Community

If you have a problem with a bank and can't solve it through them you can contact The Banking Commission or The Federal Reserve. Search them online and it gives you a phone # to call or how to file a complaint online. PayPal won't allow me to post their phone # or information...I wonder why.

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Re: Help For The Community



No they don't allow you to post a phone number on here BUT you can get it using help / contact bottom of every paypal page in normally circumstances.

But unfortunately due to covid the availability of that number is random dependent on if there is anyone to answer the phone !!!


HOWEVER you wanted to know the reason you can't post it on here?

Well thats because you get scammers that post 'fake' help threads on this forum with 'fake' paypal numbers in those posts.

At one time I was reporting them every day but sometimes too late to stop someone being scammed.

So paypal stops or tries to stop all phone numbers being posted on here to stop the scammers.


Also if you need to make a formal complaint against paypal then that information is in the user agreements for your country.

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