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Gumtree purchase

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Gumtree purchase

Hi I'm about to purchase an item off Gumtree and having it posted. I don't know the seller but can I trust them and pay by paypal safely and have cover if they turn out to be a scammer?

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Re: Gumtree purchase



1. Paypal buyer protection is not a 100% coverall, you need to read up on it and risk assess your own transactions.

2. Do NOT pay using the friends / family gift option or you will have no protection.

3. If you go ahead make sure either you or the seller puts a FULL description of the item on the payment invoice or sent payment as if you have to file for item received but not as described that is the only way paypal will know what you were buying and if it arrived misdescribed.

4. If i were you fund that paypal payment via a credit card for a bit more buyer protection.

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