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Gumtree Scam?

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Gumtree Scam?

I am trying to buy this power supply and the guy says he is including the motherboard as it is slightly broken. I asked him if he would take PayPal payment and then he went on to say he doesn't have a PayPal and when I asked him for bank transfer he agreed. He said that he would post it right after I would send him the money at 4pm as thats when he supposedly finishes work. I asked him again for PayPal and he said that he's been done over PayPal. Is this a scam or not? 


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Re: Gumtree Scam?

Personally I would move on but, you have to decide.  Why put yourself in an uncomfortable situation.   (If the guy is the seller, he should be sending you an invoice - there are other services he could use if PayPal is not preferred.)

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