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Goods & services: How is the seller protected? Scam?

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Goods & services: How is the seller protected? Scam?

Hello, I am trying to sell a jacket (not on eBay). When I ask people how they are going to pay me, they say they will use goods and services. When I ask them if PayPal directly notifies me that there is a payment on hold, they say PayPal only send them an email, and that they will then forward it to me. My question is, if the email I received (as a seller) is just a forwarded email that the buyer receives from PayPal, then couldn’t it be easily replicated and masked as a real email? How would I know that it is legit? Also, because that is the only piece of evidence that the seller (myself) has and no direct proof from PayPal, how can I ever be sure that they have really carried out a goods and services payment to me? Any help would be very well appreciated!
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Re: Goods & services: How is the seller protected? Scam?

Suggest sending the buyer an invoice with a description of the item, they receive the invoice, click on the payment link, get redirected to PayPal, they complete the checkout process, you get an email notification and an notice in your account activity of the sale, PayPal then deducts their processing fee and deposits the balance into your Account Balance, you then purchase and print a shipping label, record the tracking number in the transaction details in your Account Activity section and then ship the item to the buyer - following this outline, you are covered for Seller Protection.   Don't let perspective take the lead as you are the seller.