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GBP to EUR Exchange Rate is way off!


GBP to EUR Exchange Rate is way off!

Hi there, 

Does anyone know why I can't access the currency exchange information from my account. I've followed all the instructions step by step but the information isn't there. I just payed 112 GBP for an order and it came through to my bank account as 137.11 EUR - now the current rate is 1 to 1.17 so I don't know where they are pulling the 1 to 1.224 rate from. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Re: GBP to EUR Exchange Rate is way off!

@AmyB7 If you buy currency to go on holiday you never pay the actual rate as the company supplying you the funds is a business and needs to make a profit. Same with paypal they processsed a currency exchange for you and so you pay a higher rate.

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