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Hello members! I regularly send money to my brother in the UK. I live in Malawi and have my debit card linked to my PayPal. Unfortunately Friends & Family is not available in Malawi and so I send as if I am paying for goods. When I click on send money, You Send comes up in USD (I cannot change it) and he receives comes up in GBP. I generally put the amount in GBP and send, however, how do I calculate the fee? My brother went through his statement and sent me a screenshot of all the fee he has been charged, I went up to numerous websites and also the user agreement to calculate the fee, however the fee he has been charged and the calculations do not match. How do I calculate the fee? I am totally stuck!
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To receive a cross border commercial payment in the UK from Malawi, is (variable rate fee) 3.4% + 2% = 5.4% + 20p (fixed rate fee). Then there is currency conversion fee on your end when sending the money which is 3.5% and also taking into account the exchange rate PayPal uses from USD to GBP which would be shown when you checkout. So you'll have to take that amount and then deduct 5.4% + 20p off it and that's hopefully the amount your brother receives in GBP.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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