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Extra fees?

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Extra fees?

Good afternoon, I transferred 339€ from my French PayPal to an Indian PayPal and 18,02€ were cut. It is written that a fee of 2.9% of the total amount + 0.30cents are normally taken but if I calculate it should have been 10.10€ deducted. Can someone explain to me ?

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Re: Extra fees?



cross border fees.

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Re: Extra fees?

30 cents plus 2.9 is for paying someone for good and services,not friend and family.

2.35% could be currency conversion fee,go to paypal fee schedule to learn more


Re: Extra fees?

if you are transferring money between your own accounts in diferent country,you should no use goods and services,but friend and family.

but there are still fees cross border and possibly currency conversion.

you could risk scrutiny transferring between 2 accounts