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Excessive fee of EUR 26.5 for EUR 476 sent

New Community Member

Excessive fee of EUR 26.5 for EUR 476 sent


I have sent an invoice from my personal account for Euro 476,0 and my account was credited with Euro 449,5. It is not only that the PayPal fee seems excessive at 5.47%, but I do not identify such fee in the list:

Care to explain, please? Thanks in advance.


Re: Excessive fee of EUR 26.5 for EUR 476 sent

Hello @DragosMarinescu,


Welcome to the PayPal Community! I can definitely understand how concerning it can be when the fees received for a payment don't seem to match up to your expectations. Here's a link to your country's User Agreement. In section A2.3, you'll find there's an extra fee charged for International or cross-border payments. Depending on where the payment is coming from, there will be another fee charged along with your fee for receiving goods / services payments. 


Thanks for reaching out and have a great day!


 - Jon K



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