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Examples of Suspected Fraud/Fake Emails


Fakes emails <removed>

I want to if these email is fake because I think they have committed fraud to me and another person that was trying to send me money on these email <removed>


As a communicator for PayPal, you should take immediate notice of the recent issues with Dolltu...

I've sent this info to PayPal's Legal addition to UPS and my credit card company.
Thanks to both of you with similar issues.  Please take the steps necessary to dispute your charges with your credit card company.  I have asked UPS to look into this matter since Dolltu or Bao Xinke (the name on my credit card regarding this sale) is continuing these actions. Below is what I sent to PayPal, UPS and will provide to the San Antonio Texas Attorney General's Office.  You should send copies of your information to all of them as well.  If PayPal rejects this dispute, I will continue to provide the backup.  Locking me out is NOT an option.  Please continue to POST THIS ISSUE and keep copies of your correspondence until PayPal accepts responsibility for their assistance with this fraud/scam.


Sent to UPS (copied to PayPal, my credit card company)...Apparently UPS has been an UNSUSPECTING partner in this scam.  As you will see from the information below, a company known at Dolltu or Bao Xinke is FRAUDULENTLY providing UPS tracking numbers to their orders.  The UPS tracking numbers have NO RELATION to the customer’s order or the customer’s address.  THEY ARE USING AMAZON TRACKING NUMBERS (see below).  UPS has verified this is occurring as the tracking numbers provided are not related to my name or my address.  This is FRAUD and unfortunately UPS has become an unwilling (I hope) participant.  You will notice from the message below, I am not the only victim of this fraudulent action. I hope you will take action against this company and their illegal activities.  I have notified PayPal and my credit card company about this issue and will be in contact with the Attorney General’s Office in San Antonio.  Please advise what you find out.  Thank you!
Please keep documenting your information...
I have just sent this email to PayPal's Communications/Media Department (copying their customer service) and to the Fraud Department at UPS.  Please continue to send documentation to these individuals and anyone else you can find on line.  I also plan to file a document with the Attorney General's office in San Antonio and am filing a report with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) - see their website.


Begin forwarded message:


Subject: Potential FRAUDULENT activities being supported by PayPal with UPS as an unsuspecting partner in the scam.
Date: May 16, 2020 at 9:44:13 PM MDT
As a part of your communications department, you should be aware of this FRAUDULENT activity being supported by your company’s actions.
I would appreciate a response and I think the other customers who were SCAMMED should be contacted with an apology and a refund.  If your company rejects the claims due to the UPS documentation (which is false), I will lead the charge for an investigation and I’m pretty sure UPS will jump on this one with us!  I’ve contacted their Legal Department. Please respond to my issue.
Re: People at Pay Pal are allowing this to go on and not protect us. Why?


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Fraudulent ad


where can I forward this fraudulent spam email?  I’m betting that people will fall for it. 


Email Received - Possible Fraud

Confirm your account PayPal SECURITY ALERT We had evidence that an unauthorized device was trying to access your Paypal account. We Have Temporarily Suspended Your Account As Soon As Possible To Protect Your Informations Against Possible Misuse With Immediate effect. Therefore we need your cooperation that we can offer you a secure service.. What do I need to do? Please login at account and verify your account information so that you can continue to use your account. LOG IN