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Echecks held to clear

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Echecks held to clear

What is the difference between an eCheck and transfer? I had a payment sent a week ago. Held to “clear” over a week (isn’t this 2018 with electronic verifications?). Says will be available 6/4. It’s 6/5, still not cleared. Is PayPal holding millions of people’s $ for 10 days at a time to creat an investment float? This is absurd. I always refrained from using services like this and may go back to requesting a physical check. Waiting 10 days after a client pays you is absurd in 2018. If it were reversed, paypal would take it out instantly.

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Re: Echecks held to clear



Normally when a buyer pays paypal CREDIT the seller for them and Paypal take the wait for the funds to transfer from the buyers bank account.

They do this because they use the slowest (cheapest) transfer option and so by crediting in advance it does not delay your item being sent.


HOWEVER they only do this if the buyer is paying via.........


1. Bank account with a back up card linked.

2. Debit or credit card.


If its option one and they do NOT have a back up card OR its a high risk / price item then Paypal may not credit in advance and you and the buyer have to wait for the funds to clear before sending any item.

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