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Do statements within an eBay message count as proof?


Do statements within an eBay message count as proof?

Hi, I thankfully haven't had a charge back issue (yet) but to protect myself against the possibility I ensure that the buyer states within their ebay account that the item was received when making a physical delivery, or when dealing with digital deliveries I try to get a statement from them if possible. If they buy multiple items I send one, get a confirmation they got it, then send the rest and try to get a confirmation. Overall, most people end up saying they received the item, although recently someone only said they accepted the first item and never responded when I sent the rest and requested confirmation. Additionally, of course, I take screenshots of the delivery process and maintain detailed records just in case.

Of course, my apprehension here is that I am REQUIRED to accept PayPal by eBay apparently, and eBay does accept both digital delivery AND in person pickup options, yet PayPal has no way of indicating how it was delivered outside of shipping and from what I read, not only is there no protection outside of mail, but there are plenty of cases of people being scammed. If the mountain of threads are any indication, it's apparently a guaranteed business model to buy electronic goods, scam people with charge backs, then sell those electronic goods, and bank on more sales than charge backs with no consequences whatsoever.

On the flip side, as a buyer I have been scammed with mail delivery. The package was empty. Yet Paypal guarantees people simply for having a tracking number, without any other proof. Meaning that, apparently, people can also scam Paypal as sellers just as easiler and that's just as wrong. 

So anyway, I wonder if the statements made by buyers within eBays own message system has any value, and if not, are there any steps that Paypal is going to take in the future to not facilitate widespread fraud? If statements, combined with photos of physical delivery, or photos of package contents, or screenshots of delivered goods, mean anything at all?