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Different Payments

New Community Member

Different Payments

Hey guys!

Recently, I offered a seller $240 on ebay for a $320 off white crewneck. The seller and I both agreed to $286 (including shipping) and I accepted his offer (therefore both of us agreeing to transact for that money). I asked him to give me 36 hours to get the funds to him and he said it was fine.

About 24 hours later, I got a message from this seller telling me that he had uploaded the same item to multiple sites and he had an offer of $320. This is obviously, in complete ebay violation, as if we agreed on a price, he is obligated to sell that to me. 

I never explicitly said I would pay him $300, but he kept pushing it. Eventually, he told me he wanted to use paypal invoice instead of ebay in order to lower the seller fees. I agreed to this. However, an hour later, he messaged me saying that he wanted me to directly send him the money (venmo) so that he would get no selling fees. He also told me that he would sell to the other buyer if I didn't. 

I said no, but I may pay his selling fee for paypal invoice, but I called his bluff. Anyway, he basically summarized that I would send him $30 after he shipped my item. My question is after I receive the item, am I obligated to still pay him $30? It's unfair that we both agreed on $286, but now he wants 30 more dollars.