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Custom made car seat covers

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Custom made car seat covers

I brought some custom made car seat covers butt never used them so sold online and now the buyer is saying they don’t fit her car seat although I stated on post they are to fit a maxi cost car seat and after she had said the hood is loose and the stitching is coming even though it’s noy as never used I saw on buyers protection that custom made items are not protected and I definitely did describe the item accurately do you think she has anything to go on



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Re: Custom made car seat covers



Paypal do tend to favour the buyer BUT the buyer has to return the item back to you (trackable to prove delivery at their own expense) before you have to refund.


BUT make sure you put the fact they were 'custom made' and as much info as possible BEFORE the buyer has the chance to escalate the dispute to a claim.

Then you may have a chance.


Good luck.

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