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Anyone actually made a formal complaint to PayPal and gotten a response that's actually relevant to the complaint?


I'm on my 15th email in three weeks, about the same subject and all I am receiving back are generic responses with absolutely no relevance whatsoever.


It can't just be me?

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Re: Complaints

Tried to cancel a payment when I found it took three days unless I used a credit card. So I paid with a credit card. Every time I clicked on cancel with respect to the cash transaction it said unable to process my transaction and required me to log in again. 5 times. Hung up on me the first time I called on the phone. Second time it let me leave a call back number. The nice but incomprehensible Chinese/Vietnamese (really didn’t sound Indian or Pakistani) lady didn’t seem to understand my issue or I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I am trying to complain to them but apparently I can complain only to other disgruntled users. Is this just a way to let,e blow off steam without ever accomplishing anything? Do you think it is a sadistic practice on the part of pay pal? Looking forward to any response.