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Class action Law Suit

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Class action Law Suit

I am looking for people to sign a class action Law Suit against PayPal. They have no protection from scammers on friends and family and do not tell you that in before you chose friends and family. Too many people are being scammed and PayPal is doing nothing to protect our precious liquid funds. 

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Re: Class action Law Suit



Yes they do tell you quite clearly if you take the time to read the small section on BUYER PROTECTION before you start using paypal to send funds.

Also when you click to send funds there are x2 options. One states send to family or friends, the second states pay for GOODS where you will have BUYER PROTECTION.

Think the clue is also in the name ie friends / family, so if they are not close mates OR members of your family why would you use that option?

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Re: Class action Law Suit

If in United States call or text this attorney <removed>.  PayPal was recently sued for these very same practices See Zepeda v. PayPal.