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Cancell payment

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Cancell payment

Hi i sent 750 $ to my roommate and he got just 716.7 $. why is that? if he will refund me the money back will all the 750 $ will be refunded? also, i want to cancel the payment, in my account it says that the payment sent and in his account it says that the payment on hold. how come? please help me its rent!
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Re: Cancell payment



Its down to how the payment was SENT to their account.

1. If you sent using money > goods / services option then paypal would see them as a seller and may apply the new seller hold (which would explain why it is pending on their account). They would also charge a fee.

2. If you had sent using the send money > family / friends option then they would have had the payment instantly with no fee. (However that option is not available in every country).

There are however some occasions where friends / family payments are held for reviews but these are normally only 24 hours.

Fees are no longer returned when refunds are made.

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