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Cancel billing agreements


Cancel billing agreements

I received emails that stated the following:



Hello         ,

This email confirms your request to cancel the following Billing Agreement on behalf of xxxxxxxxx:

iTunes and App Store

No current or future payments will be made to these sellers.




It was addressed to me and included my son's name.  Someone had asked the same question after receiving this email in 2011 but didn't get a response.  I didn't do anything to cancel billing agreements nor knew I had any.  Are these legit?

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Re: Cancel billing agreements



If its a spoof, DO NOT USE ANY LINK.

Firstly if the email/ text addressed you as ''Dear Member'' / ''Customer'' / ''Client'' OR your ''email address'' then that confirms its a spoof as paypal would address you by your full name eg Dear John Smith.

Secondly if there was a link OR attachment in that email to ''cancel'' the transaction or ''confirm'' any details then again it would be a spoof.

If there was a problem with your account paypal would not ask you to click on an unsafe link in an email or by downloading an attachment, they would direct you to log in normally and go to the resolution or the message centre for more information.

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Re: Cancel billing agreements

Well, I left my name out as well as my son's for privacy.  They were addressed to us.  


I copied the email as it was written.  No link was given nor attachment.  


He didn't initiate any cancellation nor did I.  In addition, there is nothing in my account history that shows anything was cancelled.  


It seems like in the past, people have had the same issue but there was no resolution in the community blogs.