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Canadian Exchange

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Canadian Exchange

Hello, I need some help here. Maybe I am just overthinking this. The buyer is in Canada. He is has agreed to cover shipping costs and PayPal costs. The item I am selling is $120 US. Shipping is $25 US. That makes my total before PayPal Fees $145. What would be the PayPay Fee for that amount? My ultimate question is: What should he have to send in CAN dollars on his end so that I receive the $145 US + the amount of money to cover PayPal Fees? This is what I originally figured: (assuming 1 US Dollar is equal to $1.31 Canadian Dollar) (assuming cross border rate is 3.9% + 0.30 per transaction) US Dollars-------> $120.00 (item) + $25.00 (shipping) + $6.12 (paypal fee) = $151.12 CAN Dollars------> $156.62 (item) + $32.64 (shipping) + $7.99 (paypal fee) = $197.28 If anybody could throw me some help I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you in advance!

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Re: Canadian Exchange



You can invoice him or ask him to pay you in your currency easily enough.

You should not ask your buyer to pay your seller fees.


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