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Can't send money with a US paypal account when overseas

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Can't send money with a US paypal account when overseas

Hey. So I have a paypal account that I created in the USA.

When I am in the US, it works perfectly fine and I can send money to whoever I need to. 

However, I came over to singapore for a long term business trip, and I can't send money. Paypal asks me to "verify its me" by sending me a text, but the text never arrives. (the problem is not my USA phone number, I get texts from ebay, microsoft etc just fine in singapore)

I had this issue on a previous trip and when I called paypal, the rep lifted a security measure which let me send money temporarily.

But now this issue has risen again as I came back to singapore.

I go back and forth a lot, and I don't want to create a Singapore paypal because when I send money to my family I prefer to use f&f.

Does anyone have any recommendations to fix this so i can permenantly send money internationally?

Just a side note, I called paypal on friday and they tried lifting the security measure, but I couldn't send money

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Re: Can't send money with a US paypal account when overseas



Paypal is country specific so if you have to open a paypal account in the country you reside in and add an address / phone number / and bank accounts from within that country.

The only exception is U.S expats can add their bank accounts to other countries paypal accounts (paypal is a U.S company so they allow their citizens to do this).


If you are using a U.S paypal account in another country then Paypal security will kick in to make sure it is you and your account has not been hijacked and used by scammers in another country, the only way they can do that is to send a text to your U.S phone linked to your US paypal account.

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